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Medium Businesses (20 + computers)

As businesses grow, so must their IT systems.  Downtime becomes even more important to avoid, support with a guaranteed response is a necessity not an option.  You may have a person in your company, or a local computer expert, that has got your systems up and running, but what if they are ill or go on holiday?

Typically, businesses with 20 or more computers will opt for one of our EasyCare support contracts with unlimited telephone and remote support, that way they know help is always at hand and is not going to cost them every time a problem occurs.

The preventative maintenance and pro-active monitoring built into our EasyCare support contracts ensures that you get maximum reliability and minimal downtime from your IT systems.  We can even schedule maintenance to be out of hours to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

It is important that IT systems match the requirements of a business; it is very easy to spend thousands of pounds on complex systems that don’t bring real business benefits, equally spending too little can be a costly mistake as well.  The way we work is to get to know how your business works as much as we possibly can, without trying to change it or creating complexity.  This allows us to then recommend IT packages and systems that compliment and enhance your business and help it grow, not strangle it!

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